The start of 2nd phase of cohort study


The 2nd phase of the study is now started and it is estimated to continue till next six months. In this phase all students who participated in the 1st phase will be invited gradually. It is possible to set an appointment if the students are going to a trip or leave Shahroud (please see the contact information).

The investigation of retina with OCT, non-contact tonometry and color vision are the new examinations in the 2nd phase.

A comprehensive examination of eye, blood pressure measurement, anthropometry and oral health examination will cause to early and better diagnosis of visual impairments and other important pediatric diseases such as hypertension and dental caries. Longitudinal assessment of changes in ocular parameters during three years between 1st and 2nd phases of study also will yield important clues to diagnosis of causes of visual impairments and implementation of prevention strategies.  Therefore it is highly advised to participate in this phase of study.